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Can't Keep A Sober Girl Down

We all need a book that motivates, challenges, and inspires us. This one does just that! 

The colorful pages of experience and wisdom in this book will truly captivate you on your own personal journey of recovery. Not only will you want to carry it with you, but you'll be excited to own it and share it with others! When you purchase a copy, author Amber Leone Murphy will write a custom message for you or someone you may want to gift it to!

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Can't Keep A Sober Girl Down
Written by Amber Leone Murphy
Paperback, 204 pages

Signed Paperback: $19.95 + S&H
ISBN-13 978-1-939881-11-3
TRISTAN Publishing, 2017

To order your personalized copy of Can't Keep A Sober Girl down, please fill out your custom message below. We will quickly send your signed book to you. Thank you for your purchase! If ordering multiple copies be sure to send additional details on what you would like on each book.

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