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Who is Amber Leone Murphy?

Appreciate you stopping by the site! I thought I’d start by sharing a little bit about myself.

  • I am from Minneapolis, MN.
  • I have been sober (no relapses) for over a decade and dreams have fallen down like rain!
  • I've lived in MN, MT, CO, TX, GA, NY, CA, WA & OK!
  • I made up a mantra many years back that I didn't believe then, but I believe now: I am a healthy, youthful, extraordinary woman who has a Ph.D. in creating results!
  • I feel I'm here to inspire others and I do my best to live my life accordingly.
  • I love other people's stories. Everyone has a story!

The only thing I enjoy more than watching people's faces shine as they grow and change in recovery is hearing their stories from rock bottom to living a full, empowered life. Extraordinary transformations!
This is why I do what I do.

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Can't Keep A Passionate Girl DownAmber Leone Murphy
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