Play Your Life Forward

The Play Your Life Forward Project is geared up for teens and college students to have self-awareness and empowerment in order to live their best life!

It kicks off with an inspiring speaker assembly lead by Amber Leone Murphy-- highlighting her own personal story inside the loss of her dreams due to alcohol use and abuse. Then it breaks off into a Play Your Life Forward Club where teens and college students utilize peer-mentorship and club materials to help keep one another on a focused path to achieving goals, dreams and aspirations.

Teens will be more motivated and aware while encouraging one another to choose courage! By saying, "Hey, Play Your Life Forward."...they stimulate forward thinking.

The objective is a pursuit for a happy, healthy, awe-inspiring kind of life! Amber gets it. She's been there and believes in this work.

   For more information Schools and Colleges may contact Amber Leone Murphy at


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